HeavenHades Unlocked By Pillar

HeavenHades Unlocked By Pillar

Heaven and Hades, When two Pillars will be Meeting,
The Gate of HeavenHades may be Opened.

Request of drawing when your figure counter will be good number.

Welcome to my Homepage!
Let's write your some messages on E-mail or BBS page!

In present, BBS page is not receive a message written in all English.
So If you'll send some message in English,
please write "極楽地獄" or some Japanese word in the end of message.

What is the Homepage?

This Homepage have some unique content.
Some pictures displayed in "gallery" page.
These pictures tend to drawn about anime and comic.
If you are interested in Japanese culture of comic(manga) or anime, you may spend a good time.
How about look in on your free time!

And "writing" page inserted about novel,columns,memorandum.
When you want to read, you suit to browse the writing page.
..But, I don't transcribe all pages.
So Please use the function of translation what supplied by google,etc,
if you can't understand Japanese.

If It comes many request about the translation,I may be going to transcribe other pages.
Is there anything else you unknown thing?
If you hove some question, please send e-mail.
But I can't understand English very much,
so I can't forecast whether I'm able to reply.

violet's brother by the name of Dante

If you want to frame Click this.

"HeavenHades Unlocked By Pillar" has some original character.
If you want to know about charaters please look this pageor this mail magazine's page!
And Let's vote for your appeal charater in HeavenHades's character!
Let's vote for your feeling like character!

Rately main contents in HeavenHades is mail magazine and gallery.
Mail magazine named "Gthump correspondence" is report some daily topic in form of character talk.
Some column's gut once in a while is rather suitable for Japanese.

Register or cancel in Mail magazine
Gthump correspondence
 powered by melma!
HeavenHades start sending of mail magazine.
How about register this mail magazine?
It send in HTML form, with some pictures.
HeavenHades's characters amuse about magazine's conversation.♪

This character is HeavenHades's prime character , named "Violet".
Accordingly Rino HeavenHades's manager drew this picture!
Violet is half angel and half devil.
He and HeavenHades is hidden many deep world and story!
HeavenHades will reveal this world bit by bit.
Please wait and see it warmly for a long time.

Rino's novel namedViolet Angel began to exhibit!!
Don't you read the exciting novel?
And please send me your impression and sentiment!☆
Incidentally Rino's novel inserting in Writing page.


About HP manager administrator

Renewal Information

6/6 Make a Profile page!

6/2 renew this top page.
I have all written in English.

5/28 created HeavenHades like English ver (incomplete)

3/23 Decided about Violet's full name.
He name is「Violet Vincent Varchis

10/1 figure of counter achieved 2000HIT Thank you!

9/01 information of HeavenHades's character open.

2009 8/22 Mail magazine「Gthump correspondence」's list that have sended.

2009 5/31 novel「Violet Angel」open!→Writing page

2008 6/21 Open HeavenHades Unlocked By Pillar!